Nose Knows Best

  Call it ‘hope over experience’ but I am always childishly exited when I get to test a new cosmetic line. I had been looking forward to this one for quite a long time. (If you’ve been with Greenfibres for a while you will know that we do not add to our range often or [...]

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How green is your bamboo?

I keep hearing how wonderful bamboo clothing and towels are, but have always had reservations about the processes the raw material goes through to become a fabric. I see some of the products labelled as ‘Organic’ and wonder about it, so here are some facts to consider. Bamboo as a plant can be organically certified, [...]

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Fit for a king – washing with Moroccan earth

I came across the Ghassoul wash clay several years ago by accident. It was meant to be the most natural, skin friendly cleanser available – to me it simply looked like brown earth. I always liked to wash my face with water and never really got on with creamy cleansers that you simply wipe off. [...]

Product Reviews

Guest Blog: Customer review on fine knee high socks

Recently I tried a new product from the Greenfibres socks range and I am really pleased with the quality and style. The fine knee high socks are long length to the knee and the knit is fine enough to give a cosy fit under high dress boots, but are equally suitable for wellies. Although I [...]

Product Reviews

SPIEZIA – Sweet Orange & Ylang Ylang Bath Oil (Product Review)

Due to having highly sensitive skin it has been near impossible for me to find a body loving bath product. So many unnatural bath products can cause allergic reactions in various ways. Such as rashes, blotching, thrush, urine tract infections, skin irritation and many more uncomfortable and some times embarrassing flare ups. The only way [...]

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