Essential Care Make-Up Demo Video

essential care demo video


As you may have guessed from previous posts here on the Greenfibres blog, I am having a never ending love affair with essential care.

So, equipped with the essential care skin care and make up range, we grabbed a natural beauty of a model, stuck her in a chair, pointed some cameras on her and did a demonstration video on how to cleanse, tone, moisturize and use the make up.

It’s an easy to follow step by step guide on how to prepare the skin and apply make up.

With simple tips and tricks on how to apply the products so they last and how to assist sensitive or problematic skin types in the process of preparing the skin for make up.

If you have any questions you can email us at If you would like to purchase any products you have seen in this video or to view the whole essential care range click here

Essential Care skin products used in this demo:
Creamy Coconut Cleanser
– This cleanses the skin and removes make-up, gentle and effective it’s perfect for sensitive skin.
Rose Petal Tonic – Works as a toner on the skin to help balance and calm the skin and assists in drawing the moisturizer into deeper layers of the skin.
First Aid Lotion – Apply to blemishes, great for problematic or sensitive skin.
Rose Moisturizer – Moisturizing cream for all skin types, can also be used as an eye cream
Superfruit Concentrate – Luxurious facial serum. Mix with the rose cream to achieve a tinted moisturizer or use alone sparingly as a deep treatment for the skin.

Essential Care make-up used in this demo:
Gold Shadow – For a healthy glow lightly dust across forehead, cheeks, chin and nose
Sand Eye Shadow – Apply to the eyelids as a base layer to stop make-up from smudging or falling
Lagoon Eye Shadow – Apply to the eyelids for a smoky effect
Black Eye Pencil – Apply as a eyeliner
Marshmallow Lipstick – A neutral lipstick

Organic Muslin Wash Cloth – Perfect for cleansing the face or taking off masks. Due to a more netted texture, these face cloths gently exfoliate the skin and open the pores.